My Birthday Is Around the Corner—28 Things on My Wish List



I get really excited for birthdays—especially mine. With my "born day" quickly approaching, my family and friends have become quite persistent in demanding I share my birthday wish list with them. As a style-obsessed fashion editor, I have a wide variety of window-shopping tendencies, so I definitely have an idea (or two) about some things I’d like to receive. I decided to take you along for the ride by including 28 wish list wants on my mind as I approach 28 years old.

Ahead shop a wide range of items from high-ticket luxury splurges to everyday affordable chic styles. Keep scrolling to uncover under $40 earrings that look extra luxe, pretty blue sneakers for casual spring looks, a bold party dress for my special day, and so much more.

Layer over denim for an everyday casual look or with black undergarments for a music festival.

I'm an adult now, so it's time I upgrade my luggage. Béis makes really pretty, minimal designs. 

Pair with matching jeans for an on-trend double-denim look.

I've been dying to try these wildly popular Replica fragrances. 

Pair with platform sandals or heeled boots for a cool, casual look. 

I love red and I'm an Aries. What else is there to say?

I'm loving the heavy ballet influence on these flats. 

This dress would look so chic paired with chunky sandals. 

Ever since Miaou extended its sizing, I've been dying to get my hands on one of the its best-selling corsets. 

I love Doc sandals so much. I've been looking for a lighter pair as I already own black ones.

As I get older, I'm all about comfort. I love how pronounced the big buckle looks on these classic Birks. 

There's something so satisfying about oversize clothing.

I am obsessed with button-up shirts. I love this pretty, green, striped pajama-inspired one so much. 

These will give any casual look the perfect subtle pop of color. 

The appliqué detailing is so pretty.

This handbag feels nostalgic. It's giving the ultimate Y2K vibes. 

You can't go wrong with a striped top, and this one is warm-weather appropriate! 

Edas' chic minimally structured bags have caught my attention for quite some time now. 

I'd die happy if my whole wardrobe could be Hanifa.