I'm Bored With My Spring Staples, so I Found These 31 New Affordable Ones

So I was looking at the 10-day weather forecast the other day, and it gave me some optimism after months of winter. It also gave me the desire to review my spring wardrobe for any holes that needed filling. In doing so, I was left feeling a little uninspired.

I usually prefer to shop for staples before deciding which trendier pieces I'm going to buy that season, but I don't necessarily like to wear the exact same staples every spring. I also tend to get bored easily with clothes, and like everyone else, I don't want to spend a ton on them every time the seasons change.

What I'm getting at is that I need new spring staples, and you get to come along for the ride with me (if you're so inclined). Below, scroll to shop 31 options that I found and loved, all of which are under $150 and will greatly improve your warm-weather wardrobe, whether it needs it or not.


I can't get over how beautiful this neckline is.

The reviews for this tee are off the charts.

I'm looking forward to letting my feet see the world again.

Denim shorts don't get more perfect than these.

The beauty of this cute set is that both pieces can be mixed and matched.

Anyone else very intrigued by these?

This cutout dress is calling me.

This airy vest would make for the perfect spring layer.

I'd throw this pretty top on all the time if I owned it.

How these $20 jeans aren't sold out yet is beyond me.

I don't have time to list them all, but this color goes with so many other colors.

I don't know what your version of a staple is, but this is mine.

I didn't realize it before, but I think I need a camel minidress.

I'd wear these non-scary low-rise jeans.

There's a reason me and my fellow editors have included this little cardigan in multiple stories.

I plan on wearing this dress exactly like the model—with knee boots.

Prepare yourself for lots of cute denim-shirt outfits.

Just a heads up that cargo pants are starting to be everywhere.

Throw a blazer or denim jacket on over this and go.

At $60, these feel like a steal.

As someone who practically lives in striped button-downs in the spring, I want this.

Meet your future favorite spring accessory.

Pretty-white-top season is upon us.

I can't get over how reasonably priced and perfect this is.

These always have been and always will be the best spring sneakers.