It's Time to Upgrade My Wardrobe Essentials—Here's Where I'm Shopping

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(Image credit: Original Illustration by Mira Thekdi)

My spring cleaning extravaganza has officially commenced, and the first area I'm targeting is my closet. I'm ready to say goodbye to the overworn and forgotten clothing that I've recovered from the depths of my wardrobe. I always get a little sentimental going through old tops and bottoms that I used to wear religiously. But the key to decluttering is to make space for the new by letting go of the old.

After purging my once-packed closet, I'm rewarding myself with some online shopping. If there's one thing I'm in dire need of, it's upgraded wardrobe staples. Whether I'm purchasing wide-leg jeans or a '90s-style tank top, AG is my go-to for high-quality clothing that is chic, sustainable, and last forever. Here are the 16 items that will be setting the foundation for my revamped wardrobe.

Lightweight Layers

Denim Daydream

Timeless Tops

Breezy Bottoms

Raina Mendonça
Associate Fashion Editor, Branded Content

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