Every Cherry-Print Dress I Have My Eye on Right Now


@devonleecarlson wearing Réalisation

Call me biased, but I think the trends that everyone's wearing right now are the best yet. Unexpected neon colors, nostalgic hair clips, and whimsical fruit prints are just a few of the trends that are reminding me how fun fashion can really be. For the latter, specifically, it doesn't hurt that the trend is as good for your health as it is for your closet (or at least that's what I'm telling myself). Just take one look at the Instagram account @fruitassembly, which is dedicated to aesthetically curated still lifes of fruit, to see how en vogue the middle of the food pyramid is. But among all the citrus and stone selections to be had, there's one vitamin C–packed trend piece in particular that I keep seeing everywhere: cherry-print dresses.

From easygoing wrap dresses to flirty minidresses, you'll find every stylish dress shape you could ever want this summer rendered in the fun print. Since this trend is just now starting to bubble up, I couldn't help but highlight every style that's making me giddy for summer. Just below, shop each of these 18 dresses that I can't wait to wear with all my sandals and a pretty woven tote.

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