24 Cheap Things I'm Telling All My Friends About

Best Cheap Summer Clothing


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I spend way too much time looking at products online—it is my job, after all. Day in and day out, I am sifting through every online retailer possible to try and find the best of the best for you to shop. Resisting the urge to buy everything I put in my stories is one of the more difficult parts of my job, but somehow I've made it quite a while without buying anything new. So how am I going to reward myself? With a quick and easy cheap shopping spree, of course. (I know I need professional help.)

Instead of looking to spend more than I should on something I definitely don't need, I went on an investigative journey to discover the most stylish cheap product (aka anything under $50) on the market right now. What I found was quite astonishing. Gingham bikinis for $17, strappy sandals for $40, and the perfect white tank top for $6. It almost felt too good to be true, which is why I'm writing this story—to prove that it is in fact true. Instead of keeping this affordable goodness to myself, I decided to share it with you all here. If you're confused about the title, yes, I do consider you all my friends. 

Ahead, shop the best affordable products on the market that will have your wardrobe ready for spring and summer all for under $50. 

And you'll also need these in black.

Maybe not the most exciting product of the bunch, but I guarantee it will be the one you wear the most. 

Because spending a lot of money on bike shorts feels wrong. 

I won't be wearing long jorts, but I'll give these a go.

This would look great underneath a big blazer or styled with high-rise jeans and sneakers for a casual outing. 

Basically five clips for the price of one. Thanks, Amazon. 

The linen-blend material is what makes this dress look much more expensive than it actually is. 

We know—these are the strappy sandals of your dreams. 

A vintage-looking bag at an Urban Outfitters price.

The '90s called—they want their sunnies back. Just kidding, you can keep them. 

Cheap hoops you can throw on any time. 

This mesh tank will be perfect for all those hot summer days.