The One Shoe Style I Always Buy on the Cheap

Is it just me, or do your shoes always return from a vacation in bad shape? It’s especially the worst when it comes to everyday sandals—you know, the ones that you put on in the morning without knowing where the day will take you? Then after maybe hitting the beach, walking around, and going dancing all before an outfit change can occur, you look down and it’s like seeing the money you spent just days before going down the drain. But it was worth it for a good time! Right?

Wrong. Or should I say, kind of wrong. While I’m all about being YOLO on vacation, that’s no reason to lose hundreds of dollars on sandals every time. That’s why I’m all about buying only affordable sandals for trips. That way, on the highly likely chance they get ruined, both your happy memories and your bank account can remain intact. So without further ado, shop my favorite vacation sandals (some of which I already own) below.