The Perfect $18 Earrings an It Girl Found at an Airport Zara

Finding an unexpected wardrobe staple from Zara is like uncovering buried treasure. You didn’t know you needed it, but when it’s in your hands, bam—gold. Someone that knows this all too well? Mary Lawless Lee of the popular blog and IG feed Happily Grey.

Yesterday, the It girl posted to her Instagram Stories that she recently bought the perfect statement earrings from Zara while she was at the airport on her way to Paris Fashion Week. Now, it’s unclear which specific Zara she hit up (probably one en route from Milan), but regardless, they’re perfect—and also available online (phew). The stunners are only $18 and feature contrasting yellow and tortoise resin. While they’re definitely eye-catching, you can really treat them as an everyday pair because they’ll go with anything. For reference, Lee wore her pair with a blazer, tee, silk skirt, and booties.

Keep scrolling to check out Lee in her new earrings (apologies in advance for the awkward IGS screenshot) and shop them for yourself!

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The earrings in question:
Happily Grey earrings



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