5 Power Outfit Tips This CEO Swears By

We’ve all heard the adage, “Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.” For expert tips on the subject, we turned to a fashion industry CEO who knows a thing or two about putting together a winning office outfit.

Meet Tina Craig, the self-made career woman who turned her love for handbags into a six-figure business with the launch of her blog, Bag Snob, which has since evolved into the lifestyle website Snob Essentials and its own successful bag line. One of the top tips she shared with us involves knowing your workplace and adjusting your outfits accordingly. 

“In my industry, I’m allowed a lot of creativity when it comes to what I wear, but that doesn’t mean I dress like a street clown for meetings—I save those looks for fashion week,” the entrepreneur jokes. “Appearing professional is key to being (and being seen as) professional.”  

Keep reading to get Craig’s essential power dressing tips, and shop her accessory of choice, the TAG Heuer watch, below.

What are the office-outfit formulas that you always turn to? Let us know in the comments below.