The Tried-and-True Winter Travel Outfits Celebrities Love


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It’s official: We’ve reached peak travel season, and just in case you haven’t already nailed your go-to travel ensemble, we took it upon ourselves to do a little research from the ones who know travel like none other: celebrities. With more flights than just about anyone, these A-list style stars have mastered the art of putting together TSA-friendly winter travel outfits so you don’t have to.

No matter how you’ll be spending your well-earned PTO, whether it’s on a drive across the country to spend the holidays with your loved ones or you’ve got a flight to a warm getaway scheduled in your itinerary, what you wear for your winter travel outfits will make all the difference—especially if you’re expecting to be en route for more than a couple hours.

Ready to start planning your ensemble for the next time you’re en route? Keep reading to see how our favorite style stars are dressing to travel this winter, and then get ready to shop!

You'll be traveling like a pro this winter.