15 Road-Trip Outfits to Wear During Your Thanksgiving Travels

If you live close to home or simply can't afford to buy a plane ticket (they can get expensive this time of year!) to get home for Thanksgiving, a road trip with your best friends is your second best option. Sure, you might not arrive at your destination as quickly as if you were flying, but think of all the fun places you'll stop along the way. Plus, you'll save tons of money if you opt out of a plane ticket, which means more to spend during Black Friday.

One way to make a long (or short) drive more fun? Wearing something that's cozy and loose. Think of what you'd normally sport to the airport, and take a similar approach. We're talking sweaters, sweatpants, stretchy jeans, and sneakers. Think about the comfort level of each piece, and ask yourself, Can I wear said item for hours on end while sitting in a car?

Ahead, we've rounded up the best looks to wear during your holiday road trip.

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