Celebs From Rihanna to Bella Hadid Rely On These 8 Watches Time and Again

Those who know me will tell you I’m not very good at timekeeping. I am that friend who texts saying, "Sooo sorry. I’m just leaving now,” when actually I’ve just got out of the shower. I don’t really have a good excuse. Not only do I have the time on my phone, microwave, oven and wall clock, but also there is hardly a shortage of spectacular watches on the market that, if nothing else, serve the single purpose of getting you out of bed, into work and wherever you need to be in an orderly, calm fashion. Of course, that’s not their only purpose—they are also pretty. 


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Since turning 30, I feel like I’ve really entered adulthood. Not by law, but in the much, much more real sense that I now do things like take my makeup off before bed, avoid entering my overdraft and actually pay a TV licence. And because being persistently seven to 12 minutes late is a fundamental personality flaw that doesn’t belong in your 30s, I recently made the decision to invest in a watch that I intend to cherish for the rest of my life.

After scouring many (and I mean many) websites, I’ve found myself looking to celebrities whose style I've always admired, asking myself, "If Rihanna can rock a Rolex, why can’t I?” Whilst I want a classic piece, I also want to be able to style it in a fashion-forward way. Whereas Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and Reese Witherspoon demonstrate that casual, pared-back watch wearing, Simone Ashley in TAG Heuer is the answer to dressed-up styling. 


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Such an investment piece—one that ought to last a lifetime—requires you to figure out who you are as a watch wearer. Are you a chunky-gold-link-strap person like Jennifer Lopez? Or perhaps you prefer something more understated and leather? And what about the face? There's moonphase, skeleton, chrome, gold, rose gold—the possibilities are truly endless.

So if you too are seeking inspiration, then look no further! I've saved my favourite celebrity watch sightings, taken note of their styling and collated them here for you to peruse. Enjoy! 



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Style notes: Hadid isn't the only one to love this classic French watch; Dua Lipa, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow are just a few of the other icons who have been seen sporting this timepiece over the years. But the latest way to wear it? With the face on the inside of the wrist. Well, if Bella's doing it, then so will I.



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Style notes: Where do I begin with this? I'm absolutely floored by this look. Leave it to Rihanna to pair a Chopard 18-karat white-gold diamond-encrusted watch with, you guessed it, more sparkle! The Balenciaga bag, the rhinestone pink shirt… and are those crystal-embellished socks? Leg warmers? Or perhaps part of these fluffy shoes? Whatever it is, I'm definitely into it. Estimated at a cool $130,000, Chopard's Happy Sport series includes spectacular pieces with and without diamonds at a lower (albeit still very high) price point, but please note: Jewelled socks not included. 



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Style notes: I love Reese Witherspoon. I mean, honestly, who doesn't? Whilst I don't know her personally, she definitely seems like the type of person who always arrives three minutes early to any engagement and never fails to count her steps. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that she opts for an Apple Watch. To spoil yourself, go Hermès. But to channel Elle Woods? Opt for pink.



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Style notes: Mia Regan has to be one of, if not the, coolest Gen Z people around. Whenever I see her show off a new outfit on TikTok, which is usually Y2K-inspired, I immediately open a tab and google where I can get it. In other words, whatever she wears, there's a high chance I'll want to wear it. Here, in Saint-Tropez, she wears TAG Heuer, and I can't get enough of how it matches the embellishments on her dress. Two points for coordination, Mia. 



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Style notes: J.Lo on honeymoon in Paris has been possibly the celebrity moment of 2022. Whilst everyone was focussed on her take on French style, I was taking into account her accessories. Two of which happened to be a blue Birkin and a Rolex (ah, that classic combination). It goes without saying that Rolexes are the crème de la crème of the watch world, so one of these definitely makes the wish list. 


(Image credit: ROLEX; PICTURED: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 (price on request))



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Style notes: You may be wondering, Does the fastest woman on record really need a watch? Of course she does! Dina Asher-Smith's Hublot Classic Fusion is perfect for those looking for a sportier timepiece. With a refined titanium face and rubber strap, it's less ostentatious than other styles, but as Asher-Smith demonstrates so well, all you need is a black gown, some spectacular jewels, a red carpet et voilà! It's fancy. 



(Image credit: @jenniferaniston)

Style notes: I can't get enough of Jennifer Aniston's effortless elegance. To me, she is the older sister to Mary-Kate and Ashley—a pioneer of the neutral palette and the OG when it comes to the noughties vest-top-and-cargo-pants look that we've all grown to love again. And is it just me, or do her characters all seem to resemble her in IRL? Here, she's snapped between takes on The Morning Show, and we're not sure if she's playing her character, Alex Levy, or just herself. Either way, I can't help but love this Chopard Eagle—a classic in the link-watch roster.



(Image credit: German Larkin)

Style notes: Bridgerton fans, take note! Actress Simone Ashley serves subtle sophistication with a classic TAG Heuer Carrera. Much unlike the costume design in her breakthrough role in the period drama, the Carrera is all about is sleek, slick and understated elegance, with a dash of sparkle with the diamond hour markers. 

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