VB Just Revealed the One Product She Always Uses on Her Eyebrows

With brow products being one of the fastest-growing sectors in the beauty industry, there's no sign of our eyebrow obsession slowing down in 2019. I, for one, am pretty obsessed with new brow products, and will take home pretty much every new launch that arrives on my desk in the hope that one will tame my unruly brow hairs into the sleek arches of my dreams. Turns out Victoria Beckham is also as dedicated in her quest for great brows. In fact, so much so that there's only one lady who she'll let touch her brows and only one brand she swears by. Luckily for us, she revealed all in her latest YouTube video.


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In her latest upload, Victoria is joined by Anastasia Soare, CEO and founder of brow beauty brand Anastasia Beverly Hills. Beauty editors and product aficionados will all know that Anastasia is basically the queen or brows, and her eponymous brand is renowned as being amongst the best in the business. So it's no surprise VB swears by them for keeping her brows looking their best.


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"So I haven't touched my brows since I last saw you," Beckham told Soare as she arrived in her hotel room. "Do you have tweezers with you? I just want to pluck just a little bit underneath. I want to keep them quite, sort of, bushy."


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VB explained that it was actually Naomi Campbell that introduced her to Anastasia when she first moved to L.A. Now she swears by the brow guru and a certain ABH product for keeping her brows in check.


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"I only ever use Anastasia's brow products because, as I say, she is the eyebrow expert," explained Beckham while Soare tackled her eyebrows. After a quick comb-through of VB's brows, Soare applied her cult Dipbrow Pomade (£19), the brow product that Victoria swears by, with an angled brush to fill in any gaps and define the edges of the brow line.

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To complete Victoria's brows, Anastasia brushed through her new product, Dipbrow Gel (£19), to add a tint of colour to brow hairs and set the shape in place.

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Brows aside, I was so excited when Anastasia asked Beckham about the plans for her own beauty line. While Victoria is still remaining pretty tight-lipped about the official plans, she did reveal a little. "We have a strategy that takes us up until 2022, so it'll be everything from makeup to skincare and then wellness," Beckham explained. "But very, very focused, so not lots and lots of products."

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