5 Celebs Who Treat the Airport Like Their Runway

For most of us mortals, going to the airport for a trip usually means we're decked out in our comfiest jeans or sweats, sneakers, and our favorite travel pillow. For the most stylish women in the world, going to the airport means getting decked out in some of the chicest outfits they can dream up—promptly inspiring the rest of us to up our game a bit.

These style stars regularly wear pieces we'd normally consider to be very airport-unfriendly, like high heels, skinny jeans, leather pants—you get the idea. And yet somehow, they make it look completely effortless, almost like they emerged impossibly fresh from a transcontinental flight after sleeping in designer garb the entire way. (Jealous.)

Keep on scrolling to see five of our favorite style stars' amazingly chic airport outfits!

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