The Best Type of Handbag to Travel With—According to Celebrities

Trust us, the what-type-of-handbag-to-travel-with struggle is real. You want something that’s big enough to stash a book, scarf, snacks, etc., but not so big that you feel like you’re schlepping another piece of luggage around the airport. Which is where our observation of frequent-flying celebs’ handbags of choice comes in. Everyone from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Selena Gomez is often spotted at the airport with a top-handle duffel handbag on her arm. The roomy satchel is the perfect size for holding the aforementioned items but compact enough to still look like a purse. Another great feature of a duffel handbag is that it zips up to keep your belongings safe—so important when traveling. Plus, it clearly makes any outfit look cooler. Travel dilemma solved!

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