What Our Editors Are Wearing to Thanksgiving Dinner

Year after year, it becomes more astonishing how quickly time passes by, especially when it comes to the holidays. If you’re like us, the imminent shopping, parties, and meals are exciting, but they’re also a bit overwhelming. Thanks to this author’s outfit anxiety, however, the Who What Wear team buckled down and scoured the web to come up with amazing Thanksgiving ensembles we hope you can replicate based on your aesthetic and scenario.

Whether you’re relaxing at home with your family, staying in town to celebrate with friends, or jetting off to spend the holiday somewhere far away, we’ve got seven easy and stylish options for you to peruse and shop. Scroll on for seven Thanksgiving outfit ideas from the Who What Wear team.

"Someone's got to serve the trends at Thanksgiving dinner!"

"When it comes to Thanksgiving, the name of the game is comfort. On that note, I wear pretty much the same thing every year: light jacket, sweater, jeans, ankle boots. Can't go wrong!"

"I think a wrap dress is a perfect option for Thanksgiving because you can adjust (er, expand) the tie as the day goes on. Read: more room for pie and leftovers."

"I'm not one to dress up a whole lot on holidays, as it's usually a pretty long day. This outfit is comfortable enough to make it through but polished enough to be Thanksgiving-worthy, thanks to the cardigan and the elevated accessories."

"I love taking advantage of our rare chilly weather in Southern California and wearing super-cozy outfits to Thanksgiving. Of course, you've gotta wear something comfortable to eat your heart out, and I think this outfit will definitely be forgiving enough."

"My family has a tradition of getting a bit dressed up and having a formal Thanksgiving dinner, so my compromise between this and straight-up wearing sweats comes in the form of an easygoing floral dress and leather boots."

To me, Thanksgiving is an excuse to wear an outfit that feels very fall in every way. A sweater, plaid skirt, and boots is a formula that always works.

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