The Jewelry Fashion Girls Are Wearing With Their Casual Fall Outfits

I think one of the reasons people love to buy jewelry is that you can wear it every day and with everything, year-round. You can wear the same pieces out that you wear to just lounge at home. And there are some pieces that you may never even need to take off. But perhaps my favorite thing about jewelry is that it's the easiest way to dress up any outfit, or at least add a little more personality to it. 

For obvious reasons, there are a lot of casual outfit posts on Instagram these days, but that doesn't mean they're going un-accessorized. 'Tis the season to start transitioning our wardrobes to fall, so you may have noticed fewer bikinis and more cardigans on Instagram recently. But few of those casual fall outfits are sans-jewelry, even if it's just one special piece. I've been tallying up the trends I see repeatedly in my feed to share with you, along with my favorite picks for each.

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Stacked Rings

Chunky stacked rings are one of 2020's most popular trends. In contrast to the dainty ring stacks we've all come to know and love, chunky rings catch the eye immediately and add a bit of an edge to any look they're paired with.


(Image credit: @aimeesong)

Layered Necklaces

The layered necklace look really hit its peak a couple of years ago, but it's already back, and with good reason. A mix of pendants and chains feels personal, as everyone's combination is unique. And there's no denying how cool they look with a button-down, sweatshirt, or tee (i.e. anything casual). 


(Image credit: @champagnemani)

Thick Hoop Earrings

The gold tube earrings everyone was quick to embrace a few years ago have been replaced by wide hoops that make even more of a statement. Think '80s glam. I love the way they look with textured knits. I'm also seeing lots of silver iterations of this trend on the market.

Next up, 7 new jewelry trends you're going to see everywhere this fall.


(Image credit: @alyssainthecity)

Name Plate Necklace

Whether or not nameplate necklaces reach the popularity that they had during the SATC days remains to be seen, but I wouldn't hate it if they did. You can go the traditional route and wear your name, or opt for a special phrase that has meaning to you.


(Image credit: @maria_bernad)

Bold Chunky Necklaces

The chunky chain necklace trend isn't going anywhere, and I've noticed that they're getting bolder than ever and are even being layered with other chunky necklaces. It's the preferred jewelry style of choice with a sweatsuit (on Instagram, at least). 


(Image credit: @claire_most)

Mask Chains

Undoubtedly the most functional jewelry trend on this list, a pretty chain to keep your mask handy has become a 2020 craze. Etsy and Amazon have a ton of affordable ones, or you can opt for something a little fancier to clip onto your mask.


(Image credit: @taniasarin)


(Image credit: @taniasarin)

Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings are great in that you don't really need to wear any other jewelry with them if you don't feel like it. They make a big statement on their own, and even a T-shirt feels elevated and fancy when you're wearing a big statement ring.


(Image credit: @_jeanettemadsen_)
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