Taking a Casual Approach to Holiday Dressing? Meet Your New Shopping Guide



I always say that this time of year is the perfect excuse to overdress and be as extra as possible, but I've come to realize that holiday dressing doesn't always have to involve all things sparkly, cherry red, and tartan plaid. While I love all of those things, I find myself doing a lot of casual activities that don't require formal attire, like ice skating or exchanging gifts over dinner with my friends. Am I still going to show up in my best 'fit? Absolutely. Will a gown be a part of the outfit recipe? The chances are slim. Garage (@garageclothing) is about to be my (and your) new go-to store for casual pieces that are stylish and festive. Satin tops, rhinestone details, and ruched dresses are already sitting in my cart, ready for checkout. If you need outfit ideas that scream holiday but fall into the cute and casual category, the guide below was curated with you in mind.



Dresses and Jeans

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