23 Summer Instagram Outfits Carrie Bradshaw Would Definitely Wear

Carrie Bradshaw's style, like many peoples', became more experimental heading into warmer weather. The sun and heat can bring out the most confident and daring of looks, and her outfit output during New York's hot and sticky summers was about as wild as they get: Combining rather "extra" pieces (like feathered headbands and tartan miniskirts) alongside unexpected sporty items was a trademark CB patented many years before the street style set.

Wearing strappy heels with everything—even the weirdest or most casual of getups—was her norm. No accessory was an accessory too far, and odd color combinations (such as lime green and candy pink) were all too easy for her to pull off.

Carrie Bradshaw summer outfits: wearing a floral dress with gold accessories



At the time of airing, the case of Sex and the City's closets were what we aspired to have but didn't necessarily feel confident enough to copy ad nauseam. However, it would appear now that the summer of 2019 is bringing out the inner Carrie in many a woman we admire. When Italian designer and It girl Gilda Ambrosio combined a fluoro pink tennis skirt with lace-up heels and a flannel lumberjack shirt, it set this train of thought into motion. However, as I looked a little deeper on the feeds of Instagram, I could see Bradshaw's kooky influence all over.  

Carrie Bradshaw summer outfits: wearing a crop top, printed coat and skirt



From pink tutus—like the one she so famously wore in the opening credits—to the kind of lingerie-as-daywear combinations only the leader of the pack could pull off, she is clearly the driving force behind many new outfits, whether this crowd realizes it or not. Keep scrolling to see what I mean.

Style Notes: The look that started a chain reaction: This tennis skirt, vintage tee, flannel shirt, and strappy pink heels combo is just the kind of mad thing Carrie would have whipped up on a whim.

Style Notes: We think Bradshaw would fully tackle today's cycling shorts trend in the exact same way with fancy tailoring and heels.

Style Notes: The pink tutu never really dies—here it's been reinterpreted again with a summer knit and high courts.

Style Notes: Everything about this screams "Carrie doing something manual" from the headscarf to the boilersuit. 

Style Notes: Carrie always loved a bit of headgear, so Hanna's mad hat with a bold dress and strappy heels is incredibly SATC

Style Notes: Okay, so we're not 100% convinced CB would buy into today's trainer trends, but this exposed-bra dress is very up her strata. 

Style Notes: Who else but Carrie (and now Emma Breschi) would be brave enough to wear undies and marabou mules out in public? 

Style Notes: From the corseted top to the unexpectedly chunky platforms, this hybrid of multiple styles speaks to CB's outlook on outfit building. 

Style Notes: The journalist was often keen on loose-fitting, wafty kinds of dresses, even though you may associate her more with form-fitting styles. This rainbow kaftan would certainly fit in. 

Style Notes: Every now and then, Bradshaw would really play into the idea of prim, and this print clash extravaganza is certainly the kind of bold way she'd do it. 

Style Notes: Oh, how she loved scarves—whether wrapped around her head or worn as a crop top, à la Maria here. 

Style Notes: An evening gown with sneakers? That's just the kind of insouciance Bradshaw loved. 

Style Notes: We're not sure Bradshaw would agree with us on Teva sandals either. However, we do know she'd approved of this vibrant print mix. 

Style Notes: When would a gingham romper and giant sunhat not spell out Carrie Bradshaw? 

Style Notes: Bradshaw loved dressing to a theme, so for a trip to Italy, it'd be no different, we imagine…

Style Notes: Carrie went through a phase of wearing flouncy tops and dresses, but we also think the length of these denim shorts (and the high heels) are indicative of her summer style too. 

Style Notes: No doubt about it, CB would be ahead of the curve when it comes to this years bubbling trend for Hawaiian "dad" shirts. 

Style Notes: If Bradshaw were to get married again and opt for something sassier, we'd like it to be this, please.

Style Notes: Funky colors like lime green are a favorite of Bradshaw.

Style Notes: Would Carrie wear a one-piece with a matching belt bag to the beach? You betcha.

Style Notes: This picnic outfit gone glam borders on camp, which is a genre Bradshaw often flirts with. 

Style Notes: This joyful color combination reminds us of Bradshaw in the summertime. 

Style Notes: From Tamu's ruffled jeans to the cup-defined crop top, it's these kinds of details on once-simple items that marry the character's closet so well.

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