The Carrie Bradshaw Capsule: 9 Summer Outfits, Each Under $150 Total

While scrolling through the endless trove of Sex and the City paparazzi and still images recently, I found myself thinking that Carrie Bradshaw's summer style resonates more than ever now. She was the epitome of the late '90s/early 2000s fashion girl, and seeing as that's the way many 2019 fashion girls aspire to dress, I'm here to make it a little easier on you all.

Another fun thing that I did recently was create a budget capsule wardrobe of 14 outfits, each under $150, which probably sounds impossible, but I like a challenge. And that brings me back to SATC. If you want to look cool this summer with very little effort, all you really need to do is dress like Carrie Bradshaw. (You'll see what I mean below). Since you're probably saving up for a summer vacation or perhaps those amazing boots you saw on the F/W 19 runways, why not do it on the cheap? Below, peruse Carrie Bradshaw's summer style and shop everything you need to create nine under-$150 outfits (approximately—I did my best) to see you through until Labor Day.

Carrie Bradshaw capsule wardrobe

Little White Dress + Strappy Heels

Carrie Bradshaw capsule wardrobe


Philip Ramey/Corbis via Getty Images

Carrie Bradshaw was always a fan of minidresses with statement accessories.

White Tank Top + Utility Pants + Baguette Bag

Carrie Bradshaw accessories


Getty Images

I'm so glad Bradshaw's signature baguette bag is cool again.

Pendant Necklace + Slip Dress + PVC Mules

Carrie Bradshaw prettiest outfits


Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Television/Getty Images

This Carrie Bradshaw look is one you'll probably see at a wedding next month.

White Tank Top + Long Shorts + White Pumps

Carrie Bradshaw shoes


Bill Davila/WireImage

Another Bradshaw-approved trend that's back is long shorts. She wore them well.

Pendant Necklace + Tube Top + Utility Pants

Carrie Bradshaw casual outfit


Getty Images

It was always apparent that Bradshaw put plenty of thought into her casual outfits too.

Waist-Tie Top + Light-Wash Jeans + Low Platforms

Carrie Bradshaw iconic outfits


James Devaney/WireImage

This iconic Carrie Bradshaw look is one you'll probably see on a few influencers' IG feeds in a few short weeks.

Slip Dress + White Dress

Carrie Bradshaw craziest outfits


Diane L. Cohen/Getty Images

Carrie Bradshaw knew how to wear a party dress, am I right?

Satin Camisole + Long Shorts + PVC Mules

Carrie Bradshaw trends


Tom Kingston/WireImage

This chic summer look could easily transition to evening.

Printed Dress + White Pumps

Carrie Bradshaw dress


Tom Kingston/WireImage

It's always wise to add a few versatile dresses to your wardrobe each summer, that you can just throw on with a few simple accessories and go.