6 Summer Jewelry Trends Fashion Girls Are Deprioritizing

Summer jewelry trends 2019



Bold statement: Summer jewelry trends are the most important jewelry trends. If you think about it, in the summer, we wear the least amount of clothes, so more of our skin, and thus jewelry, is exposed. It's also the best time to have a little fun with your jewelry, as fashion during the summer is a bit more playful than it is the rest of the year. As a result, jewelry trends typically are too. To keep you up to date, we're taking you through the trends we're not seeing much of anymore for summer, plus the ones we are. 

In 2019, people have literally been wearing jewelry from head to toe (well, foot) thanks to the rise in popularity of sunglass chains (which we consider functional jewelry) and anklets. As far as we're concerned, the more body parts we can adorn with jewelry, the better. So you don't run the risk of wearing a jewelry trend that looks a bit dated, we've named six jewelry trends that fashion girls are putting on the back burner and six that they're buying in droves right now. Keep scrolling to get the scoop and to shop.

Deprioritizing: Ear Cuffs
Embracing: Sunglass Chains

Sure, ear cuffs are a great option if you want to fake the look of piercings, but the trend has cooled since they became a thing a few years ago. Sunglass chains, on the other hand, have surprisingly been on the rise. We love any trend that also makes our lives easier.

Deprioritizing: Tassel Earrings
Embracing: Colorful Beads

From one arts and crafts–inspired trend to another, tassels had their moment a couple of years ago, but now it's beaded jewelry's moment in the sun. As you'll see, this is perhaps the funnest trend on this list.

Deprioritizing: Wide Cuff Bracelets
Embracing: Anklets

Cuff bracelets certainly haven't left us for good, but the bracelet that's on everyone's mind this season is of the ankle sort. From delicate to chunky, chains to pearls, any type of anklet will do just fine this year.

Deprioritizing: Chunky Gold Hoops
Embracing: Shells and Pearls

Not to worry—hoops of all varieties are still very much relevant, so keep wearing them. But as far as new jewelry purchases go this season, pieces that combine shells and pearls are the trend everyone has been buying and wearing this year.

Deprioritizing: Coin Necklaces
Embracing: Flowers

Coin necklaces reached their peak last summer, so people are in search of other versatile trends to both combine with and replace their coin pendants. One of those is flowers.

Deprioritizing: All Rose Gold
Embracing: Rainbow Stones

We'll always love rose gold, but this season, people are mixing it with other metals to create more of a personal, unique look. On another note, a trend that continues to be a thing (in the summer especially) is rainbow-colored stones.

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