This May Be the Most High-Fashion Twinning Moment of 2016

Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie are having a whirlwind of a week promoting the premiere of Suicide Squad. The latest stop on the film's press tour is Delevingne's hometown of London, and the duo made a very on-trend (and comfortable) outfit change out of their Alexander McQueen and Gucci duds for the premiere's after-party.

The pair opted for matching navy-blue tracksuits (and trainers) with their respective names on the front and "Skwad" emblazoned on the back. (Now THIS is how fashion girls promote a movie.) The custom tracksuits were created by British company Chaos, which Delevingne thanked on Instagram.

Not since the infamous KenGi moments has a pair made such a deliberate and successful public display of twinning. And based on the photos of the actresses partying through the sun roof of their car for the evening, it's clearly a fact that you can't help but have fun when wearing matching tracksuits.

Keep scrolling to see the high-fashion twinning moment that trumps them all! 


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On Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie: Chaos tracksuits.




Thank you so much for our Skwad tracksuits @chaos @stockdalecharlotte @katielyall ???? by David Ayer

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