The Who What Wear Capsule Wardrobe Starter Pack

By now, you should be pretty well versed in all things capsule wardrobe. We've shown you exactly how to build one for yourself and what it looks like in action. We even asked a psychologist to weigh in on the tangible benefits that reducing your closet size can have on your overall happiness. As it turns out, the fewer options we give ourselves when getting dressed each morning, the more satisfied we're likely to be throughout the day. But for all the discussions we have around capsule wardrobes and paring down our closet to just the essentials, we thought it was finally time to bring out our ultimate "starter pack."

The capsule wardrobe essentials ahead are the versatile closet basics you know and love. From the perfect white T-shirt to the pair of jeans you'll want to wear every single day, once you've got these 17 essential items down, you've nailed an everyday capsule wardrobe.

Now you have everything you need to complete your own capsule wardrobe for everyday dressing. Next, see the 23-piece capsule wardrobe that will change the way you get dressed for work.