The 8-Piece Capsule Wardrobe That Looks Good With Every Shoe Style

Capsule wardrobes are novel in theory but, truth be told, they can be a bit limiting. So in an effort to identify the most useful type of capsule wardrobe, we turned to shoes (as we often do). After all, isn't the hallmark of a versatile wardrobe one that can work for a variety of occasions? And in our opinion, the number one thing that makes an outfit work for a variety of occasions is its ability to look good with a variety of shoe styles. Hence this particular capsule wardrobe: the eight pieces that can be worn together and with any type of shoe, no matter how dressy or casual.

To help you achieve versatile capsule-wardrobe success and ultimately simplify your life, we compiled the stylish wardrobe essentials every shoe lover needs, from the skirt style that looks chic with stilettos or sneakers to the jeans even petite girls can wear with flats, ankle boots, or pumps. Read on to shop the aforementioned capsule wardrobe along with some of our current favorite shoes in every silhouette.