Can Everyone Please Turn Their Attention to the Nice Airport?

Technically the Cannes Film Festival starts tomorrow, but those who know where to really scope out some of the best style have had their eyes fixed on the Nice Airport today, too. That is, after all, where so many of Cannes’s soon-to-be red carpet best dressed are arriving in more casual—but equally inspired—fashions.

Consider the terminals in Nice one of the ultimate sources of inspiration, as Bella Hadid strolls out of the French airport in a metallic Marc Jacobs jacket, Elle Fanning wears a chic pair of mom jeans with embellished Miu Miu sunglasses, and Jessica Chastain keeps it classic in an all-black ensemble, topped off with a sleek blazer and dark sunnies—very Hollywood, non?

There’s a little something for everyone below, depending on your in-transit style. Scroll down to see for yourself.