So What Does Freezing Your Jeans Actually Do?



When was the last time you washed your favorite pair of jeans? Sure, that may seem easy to answer, but for many denim enthusiasts, remembering the date can be a little tricky. That's because many denim experts recommend limiting how often you wash jeans with any kind of stretch. Instead, the pros have a surprising trick up their sleeve: placing their jeans in the freezer. "The benefit of the freezer is that you preserve the beauty of the shade and the wash while effectively eliminating bacteria via the chill of the freezer temperature," says Jac Cameron, creative director and co-founder of AYR. "The minute a jean touches water, the feel on the body is different, and the look of the wash changes as indigo is washed out in an at-home wash cycle."

Cameron notes that freezing jeans in a plastic bag overnight is the perfect way to revive your denim that's in need of a little sprucing up. We know you may be skeptical, but according to Cameron, it really works. "It's not necessarily for everyone," she says, "but it does work and is my preferred way to clean jeans."

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