How California Girls Wear High-Waisted Jeans

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(Image credit: Toby Jacobs for Who What Wear)

California girls have a serious affinity for denim. Skinnies, jean jackets, boyfriend jeans—you name it and they probably own it. So it comes as no surprise that when L.A.’s fashion set steps out for an industry event, the fabric takes center stage. The evidence? Last week, we threw a party to celebrate AG’s new store opening at Newport Beach’s Fashion Island, hosted by Kat Collings, our very own editor in chief. Attendees included bloggers Taye Hansberry of Stuff She Likes, Tania Sarin of TSarin, and Lisa Dengler of Just Another, all of whom arrived wearing some seriously cool high-waisted jeans.

As you’d expect, the outfit combinations we spied in-store were nothing short of stylish—we can already see ourselves re-creating them all spring long. So if you’re looking for new ways to style your denim this season, call off the search. Not only are we giving you a peek inside the party, we’re also showing you two very simple ways to get that easy, effortless West Coast look du jour via high-waisted jeans. Ready to look truly Californian (wherever you are)? Today we’re showing you how it’s done.

Jeans + a Tee


(Image credit: Toby Jacobs for Who What Wear)

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: There’s nothing cooler than a good jeans-and-tee combination. Dengler really hit the nail on the head with this très-chic Breton-striped tee—it’s the ultimate easy but stylish outfit formula to keep in your back pocket.

Jeans + a Blouse


(Image credit: Toby Jacobs for Who What Wear)

Leave it to Sarin to update her denim with a chic belt and printed silk blouse. This look screams L.A., and it’s really easy to re-create—just opt for distressed high-waisted jeans and a silky pajama-inspired top. We have a feeling you’ll be wearing this one on repeat.



(Image credit: Toby Jacobs for Who What Wear)

Collings and Hansberry styled the same AG top in two very chic ways: While Collings decided to leave the tie undone, Hansberry created a loose bow. Worn with high-waisted jeans, this look is versatile enough for both the boardroom or a night out.



(Image credit: Toby Jacobs for Who What Wear)

Embroidery and personalization is everything this season, so we had the professionals at Lot, Stock and Barrel on-site to offer some on-trend personalization. 


(Image credit: Toby Jacobs for Who What Wear)

Embroidery in action.


(Image credit: Toby Jacobs for Who What Wear)

DJ Lisa Love set the mood for the evening, filling the store with tunes while guests shopped for new denim. 

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