I Hated This "Ugly" Trend Until Literally Yesterday—Now I'm Here for It

camo pants trend



Hate is a strong word, but let me tell you that my aversion to camouflage print used to know no bounds. I realize I'm the outlier here since the military-inspired print has always been in style at some point. If anything, I blame my cringe-worthy Abercrombie & Fitch phase back in the late 2000s (cringe-worthy also because it was during my middle school days—no further explanation).

To my surprise, I've been finding myself looking at camo pants with a twinkle in my eye that says Wait, are camo pants actually cool and I've been missing out? It all started when I came across an image of a pair from the covetable Attico x Re/Done collab, which naturally had the stamp of approval from cool girls everywhere. That, and it was styled with barely there strappy sandals and a simple black tank top—a summer outfit idea I'm really into.

If this one pair could change my mind, then how many other cool ways to wear the camo pants trend were there? Turns out, fashion girls have been styling them in the freshest ways for a while now. (Sorry for being late to the game, everyone.) To make up for all the lost time I wasn't here for the trend, I've compiled all my favorite outfits along with a few pairs I'm ready to try now. Are you with me?

Keep reading to see the pair that started it all for me and even more camo pants outfits I'm into.

White sneakers are always the answer.

The perfect base to all your favorite crop tops.

Keep everything else pared back—the pants will do all the talking.

Or mix in sweet florals to contrast the tougher print.

Ladylike accessories add a polished finish.

Try swapping them out for your jeans—promise you won't regret it.

Summer or winter, a pair of camo pants is truly seasonless.

While you're at it, here's proof that this summer's biggest shoe trend looks so good with camo pants.

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