I'm a California Girl, and This Is How I Do Summer Style

California girls definitely have a distinct take on fashion that you’ll discover if you head out west. It’s all about cool, easy pieces and fun outfits that fit right in with endless bright sunny days and drives down the iconic California coast. And I like to think that we are masters of summer style. After all, we can pretty much wear summer outfits year-round, so we have lots of practice putting them together.

My particular version of California-girl style has been crafted over years of living here. My closet in L.A. is packed with piles of denim, a drawer filled with swimsuits, and half the dress collection from Réalisation Par. And since we don’t get to layer like people in other cities with true seasons, I’ve found that I rely on accessories like earrings and stacked necklaces to fill in that gap. Ahead I’m breaking down the pieces I wear on repeat during the summer in California.