These Trendy Button-Downs Are Going to Make All the Tops in Your Closet Feel Old

Whether it's button-downs, blazers, or trousers, I love an oversize, unstructured take on traditional menswear. Extra-large white oxford shirts serve so many purposes in my wardrobe: I wear them with leather pants, split-hem leggings, wool miniskirts, and straight-leg jeans, of course. These days, though, I'm craving some variation on the classic. I want unique collars, open necklines, and unexpected sleeves. I'm also interested in stripes, satin, and brown shades—anything to make the options in my closet feel fresh. The button-downs I've included below will look so good when paired with other key trends for winter, from sweater vests to leather blazers and billowy trousers. I'd get scrolling if I were you!

I love this collarless open neckline, which is made extra dramatic alongside these balloon sleeves.

All the editors at Who What Wear swear by this affordable, striped top.

I wouldn't give you a roundup on button-downs without including a classic white, oversize option. It's important to keep your rotation crisp.

This top is hitting all the right angles with that extra-sharp collar and irregular buttons.

Cottagecore blouses are usually so loud with ruffles and balloon sleeves. There's a modern structure to this otherwise Victorian top.

The daintiest denim button-down I ever did see.

A tailored take on the classic white button-down. This will look super cute with boxy trousers or a plaid miniskirt.