So, Bros Have Inspired the 3 Hottest New Trends

While recently at Copenhagen Fashion Week with Social Zoo, one of the attendees said something that stuck with me: the street style at CPHFW is where trends are born. There are a few reasons for this: Since it’s only a couple days, there’s not as much noise—fewer street style photos to review means more clarity on what matters. It’s less than a few weeks until NYFW kicks off the month-long circuit of the four main fashion weeks, and in a world where you can blink and miss trends, that lead time makes all the difference for being ahead of the curve. Last, it’s a slightly more European group that attends, and we all know they’re collectively a bit more forward.

With this in mind, I paid close attention to the emerging trends, and was surprised to see classic bro styles emerge as a collective theme. Yes, that’s right, some of the coolest looks featured key items stolen from brosefs, which Wikipedia defines "as conventional guys' guys who spend time partying." Aka a group of people who aren’t often considered fashion inspirations. Scroll down to see for yourself, and hit me back when you see these bro trends all over your feed in a few weeks.

Flip Flops: Garden variety bro, also surf bro

This isn’t your average brown Rainbow sandal, thank goodness. The fashion girl iteration is colorful, and Havaianas is the brand of choice. I spoke to one of our hosts, Pernille Teisbaek about the trend, and she mentioned that she started wearing them at Paris Couture week in July because she had blisters on her feet. Fast forward to August, and they’re all over Copenhagen. They’re by far the bro trend with the biggest adoption so far.

The New Athleisure: Extreme sports bro

The most important trend here is short, loose running-inspired shorts. Prada has an iteration that’s been popular, and when speaking to Lisa Aiken, Net-a-Porter’s Fashion Director, about it, she confirmed that she’s seen it emerge as well. Danish brand Ganni showed a pair for their S/S ‘19 collection (shown below), indicating it may be a trend with some longevity. Other subcategories include fresh takes on the bike short (going even longer, flirting with capri length is ideal). I was quite impressed with Pernille's printed version. 

Ganni Spring 2019 Runway



Pernille Teisbaek Street Style Copenhagen Fashion Week Blazer Printed Capris


Getty Images

Available in sizes XS-XXL.

Logo Button Downs: Preppy bros, inclusive of country club bro

Polo Ralph Lauren is a key brand, and I think Tommy Hilfiger would pass as well. The key is to leave several buttons undone and pull the shoulders back a bit so the collar hangs a little down your back, rather than snug against your neck. This trend hasn’t lit up the style crowd yet, but we know Teisbaek’s trend-setting track record.

Pernille Teisbaek Yellow Shirt Street Style Copenhagen Fashion Week


Getty Images

Next up: The best runway looks from CPHFW.

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