So, Bros Have Inspired the 3 Hottest New Trends

While recently at Copenhagen Fashion Week with Social Zoo, one of the attendees said something that stuck with me: the street style at CPHFW is where trends are born. There are a few reasons for this: Since it’s only a couple days, there’s not as much noise—fewer street style photos to review means more clarity on what matters. It’s less than a few weeks until NYFW kicks off the month-long circuit of the four main fashion weeks, and in a world where you can blink and miss trends, that lead time makes all the difference for being ahead of the curve. Last, it’s a slightly more European group that attends, and we all know they’re collectively a bit more forward.

With this in mind, I paid close attention to the emerging trends, and was surprised to see classic bro styles emerge as a collective theme. Yes, that’s right, some of the coolest looks featured key items stolen from brosefs, which Wikipedia defines "as conventional guys' guys who spend time partying." Aka a group of people who aren’t often considered fashion inspirations. Scroll down to see for yourself, and hit me back when you see these bro trends all over your feed in a few weeks.

Next up: The best runway looks from CPHFW.