Attention All Jewelry Lovers: These 16 Pieces Were Made to Mix and Match 

Brilliant Earth Jewelry


Brilliant Earth

How you wear your jewelry says a lot about you. Are you a maximalist who needs to wear at least four necklaces at a time? Or are you a minimalist who's totally fine walking out of the house in just a pair of earrings? I fall somewhere in the middle, but Brilliant Earth's jewelry may change my accessorizing habits for good. Its collection of necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and earrings were made to stack and layer and are inspiring some serious creativity. The options for accessorizing are endless, and as we enter this era of "revenge dressing," more is definitely more. Why not layer a pearl choker with a gold chain and a zodiac pendant? There are no rules when it comes to jewelry, so keep reading to shop 16 gorgeous pieces from Brilliant Earth that were made to mix and match.