Bridal Booties Are a Thing, and You're Going to Love Them

bridal booties bella belle


Laura Gordon Photography for Bella Belle

When it comes to bridal trends, nothing proves their relevance more than their presence on Pinterest. Whether it’s dresses, veils, photo setups, or the topic of today’s story, shoes, the site is a trove of inspiration and information. So if you have any questions regarding today's roundup, let me direct you to the quick Pinterest search I, myself, looked up the other day. What you'll find, as I did, is that bridal booties are not only unbelievably photogenic, as seen above, but also widely popular. And, since the topic had been relatively untouched by us in the past, we thought it would be fitting to round up our own favorites in the group. From low-key styles we’d actually wear any day of the week to statement pairs that scream bride, we have something for every style type and budget—see and shop them below.

Available in sizes 5 to 11.