This Is the Easy Trick for Pulling Off a Bohemian Dress


Getty Images

Music festival or not, bohemian dresses always make a resurgence at this time of the year just before spring is about to hit. But this time around, the trend isn’t being taken quite so literally. Instead of pairing them with trite flower crowns or fringed suede bags, fashion girls are instead wearing them with wardrobe staples plucked straight from their closets. Think turtleneck tops, pencil skirts, and small sunglasses. Even sock boots can be an easy piece to add to a bohemian dress.

By adding sock boots, it effectively transforms the look, making it feel more elevated and cool—less Coachella-geared and more street style–ready. And whether you want to reinvent a dress that’s already in your closet or take a styling cue from fashion girls, this is one of our favorite looks to throw on this spring. To help inspire your wardrobe, we’re shopping out some of our favorite bohemian dresses and sock boots.