Why Blake Lively Didn't Love Starring on Gossip Girl

You might think that Blake Lively would have a sweet spot for Gossip Girl, the show that thrust her into the spotlight, but it turns out it’s not that simple. In a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times—given while breastfeeding baby James, nonetheless—the actress reveals that she never really felt proud of the show, especially not on the level of a project like her new film Age of Adaline.

As a result, she was itching to move on by the time the final season rolled around. Her biggest issue with GG? The artistry, or lack thereof:

“If [the show cared] about the content, they wouldn't hand us our script pages minutes before shooting. You're part of this machine—this pop culture phenomenon—but as an actor, the quality of your work is definitely compromised because of that. When I finished the last season, I didn't feel good at it anymore. I didn't feel stimulated. It had become muscle memory, but not good muscle memory—like bad-habit muscle memory.”

Well, we can’t say we’re totally surprised. As much as we loved watching Gossip Girl ourselves, it wasn’t exactly Mad Men or Breaking Bad—it was sort of like indulging in candy, rather than a decadent soufflé. So it makes sense that Lively would tire of it eventually, though we have to give her props for hiding it so well. Then again—she is an actress!

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