So Birkenstock Just Held a Runway Show in Paris


Christian Vierig/Getty Images 

While footwear is undoubtedly a key component of pretty much every designer's runway show, it's rare that you hear of a brand whose primary focus is shoes putting on a runway show, and in Paris no less. But that's exactly what Birkenstock just did. The German "ugly shoe" trailblazer, which was founded in 1774, just put on its first-ever event in Paris at the Tuileries Gardens as part of Paris Menswear Fashion Week. 

So what's the reason behind the brand's sudden decision to embark on such a high-profile endeavor? As Birkenstock CEO Olivier Reichert told Vogue, "We have been in the fashion industry for so many years already! Go around and ask every top photographer and stylist, they are all wearing Birkenstock…" So in other words, does he really need a reason?

Among the Birkenstock trends (yes, that's a thing) to come for S/S 18 are textured fabrics, muted metallics, embellishment, vibrant color, oversize buckles, and subtle logos are all represented. With that, read on to shop a few pairs of Birkenstocks we love, and see every look from the first-ever Birkenstock runway event in Paris.

See the Birkenstock Runway Looks: