It's Still as Important as Ever to Buy From BIPOC Brands—Here's Where to Shop

Over the past year and a half, almost every aspect of our lives has changed. Between grappling with the myriad challenges brought on by a pandemic and attempting to rectify systemic racism, the impact of this moment in time has infiltrated everything—including the fashion industry. This evolution has manifested in the most widespread call to action, with consumers having more power than ever to demonstrate support with their wallets. While we may be in a new season and about to enter a new year, it's more important than ever to continue the momentum and support BIPOC-owned fashion brands. 

Being an ally requires continuous work. To support Black, Latin, Asian, and Native American fashion designers, we've rounded up 42 brands to shop right now. Whether you're shopping for the holidays or just for the cause, you can't go wrong with these editor-approved picks.

All of the products featured are available for purchase via the Shop app, powered by Shopify, and have been independently selected by Who What Wear editors for this article.


Mateo New York

Mateo New York is known for its fantastic fine jewelry, but the brand has equally fabulous handbags worth investing in.


Who wouldn't want a pair of stunning sculptural heels from the London-based, Black-owned footwear company AM:PM?

Oma the Label

Knowing you're supporting a Black-owned business, like Oma the Label, makes jewelry even better.

Kendall Miles

Is it just me, or do these heels give Carrie Bradshaw vibes? Leave it to Black-owned luxury footwear company Kendall Miles to revitalize SATC style single-handedly.


While Soko's unique and affordable jewelry has been a favorite among the fashion set for a long time, many might not know that this brand is a woman- and Black-owned business, making every piece all the more special.

Brandon Blackwood

Not to sound like a broken record, but anytime I can tell you to shop Black-owned accessory brand Brandon Blackwood, I'm going to. The brand's handbags are an investment for seasons to come.


Not everyone is lucky enough to have heirlooms passed down from their family, but founder Jennie is looking to change that with Kinn. Founded in 2017, the demi-fine and fine jewelry brand specializes in sustainable recycled metal that is meant to live beyond any trend cycle.

Arch NYC

Founded in 2018 by Jazmin Veney, Arch NYC offers affordable statement shoes that are the perfect conversation starters.


Consider yourself really about that allyship life? Then you'll want to wear your values on your sleeves quite literally—or in this case, carry a Cise bag.


When a former art aficionado dips their toes into the jewelry realm, you can only imagine how beautiful the pieces will be. Founded in 2012 by Wing Yau, Wwake's jewelry goes far beyond expectations. Each sculptural piece rivals what you'd see in a museum.

Fried Rice

Walking around the Lower East Side, there's a specific style that can only be found on those streets. That's the energy designer Maya wanted to embody with their genderless label, Fried Rice. Trust us when we say the coolest piece you have yet to buy is coming from this brand.

Joey Baby

Cute and affordable? That's what you can always expect from the NYC-based jewelry brand Joey Baby.


As a bag aficionado, I can tell you that the NYC-based accessory brand Imago-A is worth adding to any collection.

Statement by Nadia

The term "statement earrings" is given a whole new meaning by the Black-owned accessory brand Statement by Nadia, founded by former fashion stylist Nadia Beeman in 2020. Her oversize letter resin earrings are a jewelry lover's dream.


Searching for a sustainable handbag brand? Meet Behno. The brand is not only BIPOC owned, but it's also committed to ethical production practices.

Tejahn Burnett

You heard it here first: Tejahn Burnett's shoe brand is bound to be the next It shoe brand. As she draws inspiration from her Jamaican Canadian roots, each pair is unique in its own right.

Ming Yu Wang

Your search for the perfect gift (for others or yourself) is over thanks to the AAPI-owned jewelry brand Ming Yu Wang.

William Okpo

Founded by sister duo Darlene and Lizzy Okpo, William Okpo draws inspiration from their Nigerian heritage, resulting in unique pieces worthy of adding to any wardrobe.

Brother Vellies

Founded by Aurora James, Brother Vellies partners with African artisans to create one-of-a-kind luxury accessories that you can feel good about wearing. 


Love dainty jewelry? Look no further than PDPaola. Founded by sibling duo Humbert and Paola in 2014, the brand has become known and beloved for its affordable jewelry.



Trust me when I say the next Black designer to watch is the force behind the ready-to-wear label Hanifa, Anifa Mvuemba.

Sandy Liang

Every cool New Yorker loves Sandy Liang, and for a good reason. This chocolate-brown cutout dress? Everything.


It doesn't get much cooler than the Latin brand Simonett. Its trend-forward, one-of-a-kind pieces have garnered a cult following among the fashion set.

Kim Shui

No other designer gets the hot-girl aesthetic quite like Kim Shui. The NYC-based AAPI label is a must-shop brand for bold pieces.

Warren Steven Scott

Fashion allows for mediums and even cultures to meld into one piece. Designer Warren Steven Scott aims to do exactly that with his label. Founded in 2018, the brand approaches luxury fashion through an Indigenous lens to create stunning ready-to-wear pieces.

House of Aama

If you haven't heard of the brand House of Aama, you'll want to add it to your radar. Designed by mother-and-daughter duo Rebecca Henry and Akua Shabaka, each collection is an homage to the Black experience.


Who doesn't love a unique knit? YanYan is the brand to shop when you're looking for knitwear you can't get anywhere else.


Streetwear has always inspired trends, but for the Black-owned label Avnu, it's a part of its brand ethos. The result is classic pieces with reworked elements.


Ever since discovering the London-based, Black-owned label Rouhi, I've been unable to stop thinking about its pieces. Can you blame me, though? With colorful, trend-forward items, it's my newest obsession.


There are brands you find that you immediately fall in love with. I bet that will be the case with BIPOC-owned, Australia-based Mliu.


You can't always jet off to the Caribbean, but you can bring a lil' bit of Jamaica into your wardrobe via the ready-to-wear label Diotima.


Let's be real. Keeping up with trends and even seasons can be a lot. Enter: Apartment202. Founded by Brandee Godwin, the Los Angeles–based label's MO is all about nonseasonal made-to-order clothing—making each purchase all the more intentional.


Have you seen a more unique mesh tee? Designer Wekaforé Maniu Jibril launched his brand as a tribute to and exploration of Lagos's post-colonization period.


Close your eyes and envision what you'd want to wear to walk into that room—what you're dreaming of can most likely be found at the luxury Black-owned label Lurelly.


What happens when streetwear-inspired pieces meld with classic tailoring? You get the label Quod. Designer Ikshit Pande melds their New Delhi heritage with hints of NYC for one-of-a-kind pieces.

Re Ona

Who said your basics had to come from a box retailer? Allow me to introduce you to the Black-owned, Toronto-based label Re Ona. This brand has your wardrobe essentials, from blazers to tanks, covered.

Eugene Taylor

I've hyped up the Chicago-based, Black-owned, genderless label Eugene Taylor before, but let me remind you—shop it ASAP. You won't regret it. 

Farm Rio

We all love a printed statement dress, especially when you know you're supporting a Latin brand.


I have yet to see a Gauge81 piece that I didn't like. With feminine yet unexpected takes on trends, this brand has garnered a lot of attention with the fashion set (myself included). It's only a matter of time before you're as obsessed with this brand as I am.

Allina Liu

When you catch the attention of celebrities like Cardi B and Awkwafina you know you're onto something—which is the case for Allina Liu. After working at The Row, Thakoon, and Rebecca Taylor, Liu set out to create her own brand. The result is pieces that meld sensual and timeless elements.


Did you just audibly gasp? Yes, the designer (Jedidiah Duyile) behind the London-based label LoudBrandStudios knows how to make us feel all the things.


Cloud coats are in this fall, and this Phlemuns version is taking the trend to new heights. But don't be fooled. This Los Angeles–based, Black-owned brand doesn't just fly with the trends—its unisex pieces are made to last.