Billie Eilish Laughs at These 7 Style "Rules"—and She Dresses Better for It

Billie Eilish knows that it's way more fun to break the rules than it is to follow them. The 17-year-old breakout singer is turning stereotypes of the sugar-coated pop star upside down by being unabashedly herself, something that's evident in her next-level style. If you count yourself as one of her 31 million Instagram followers, you're familiar with the logo-filled, oversize, OTT outfits she shares in her feed, and if not, you'll be compelled to hit "follow" by the end of this story.

What makes Eilish's style so next-level is how far she's willing to commit to a look. Head-to-toe neon green? She's game. Wearing multiple oversize pieces at once? She doesn't bat an eye. You see, Eilish pays no mind to all those old-school fashion "rules" or random etiquette you've probably been conditioned to follow. While it seems counterintuitive, her outfits are so good because they push boundaries, not despite it. Rules are meant to be broken, right? In fact, these fashion rules are essentially obsolete, so we're simply pointing out here the "rules" we do tend to notice when we see them out and about. That's not to say that there's anything inherently wrong with breaking or following them. Instead, it's all about owning the choices you do make, something Eilish can teach a master class in.

Scroll down to see seven times Billie Eilish disregarded commonly held fashion advice and still aced her look. If you're a true fan, you'll be humming along to the tune of her "Bad Guy" track while reading this. And if you're so inspired by her approach to style, peruse our shopping picks for each look.

1. Don't wear more than two trends at a time.

We love a good of-the-moment trend over here, but even we've been told that combining too many in a single outfit can overdo it. Billie disagrees. She'll take some snakeskin and neon green and throw in a bucket hat for good measure because more is more in her book.

2. Dress according to your body shape.

How many times have you heard that you need to dress for some elusive body shape? I don't know about you, but I'd prefer not to be put in a sartorial box and so does Eilish. She prefers oversize clothing over fitted pieces and isn't afraid to up the volume, something that gives all of her outfits an undeniable cool factor.

3. Take one thing off before leaving the house.

The infamous Coco Chanel advice has no place in Eilish's world. Instead, she layers on heavy chain-link necklaces, statement sunglasses, and the like because that's just how she rolls. For the record, we're into it.

4. Tone down a loud color with neutrals.

One thing Eilish's style is definitely not? Subtle. She tends to go all-in on a single color scheme, even if that color is as attention-grabbing as neon green. While I don't think I could muster the confidence to wear a 'fit like this, I have to give her tons of credit for committing.

5. Be selective about how you wear logos.

Thanks to the resurrection of the '90s logo-mania trend, designer logos are everywhere. While some might advise wearing one logo item at a time, Eilish has made head-to-toe designer outfits a signature of her style.

6. Don't wear sunglasses inside.

Sure, wearing sunglasses comes with its own unspoken etiquette of when and where you can and can't wear them, but for the pop star and her bold style, they're simply one last accessory that completes her look—indoors or out.

7. Black and gray don't mix.

I'm pretty sure the rules that govern color combinations were meant to be broken. Rules like avoiding black and navy, black and brown, or black and gray (like this outfit) just don't stand up when the look is this good.

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