The Fashion Mistakes New Yorkers Cringe Over

Even the most hard-core New Yorkers find themselves trapped in a torrential downpour once or twice. It's a rite of passage to experience the worst parts of the city (pizza rat, anyone?), and in some small part, they help us appreciate the nicer perks of living in NYC. But when we see others going through it, we can't help but cringe a bit—because, well, we all know how it feels to get a shoe stuck in a sidewalk grate.

Below we've compiled a list of the cringe-worthy mistakes that most New Yorkers have gone through and would now just rather leave in the past. Then, to help prevent you from falling victim to these NYC fashion fiascos yourself, we're offering up some solutions too. Armed with the fashion first aid kit, you'll be prepped to avoid the grimace-worthy mistakes NYC women go through. So read on for your full breakdown below.

Stilettos on a Sidewalk Grate

While Rihanna can gracefully breeze over a subway grate in stilettos, it's a move most New Yorkers would not recommend. Super-skinny heels are too easily wedged into the cracks and crevices of the city, which is why locals prefer comfier shoes—perhaps block heels or sneakers—instead.

A Hemline That Actually Hits the Sidewalk



We love a pretty maxi dress and a great pair of statement pants, but hemming is the key. The streets of NYC are uniquely gritty, and city residents hate to see great clothes skimming over gum and murky puddles.



Like any other warm climate, sandals are a staple in Big Apple residents' wardrobes, but there are a time and place for everything. Navigating a standing-room-only subway car in flip-flops is bound to have an unhappy outcome. Instead, try sandals that offer a bit more coverage and lift. That way, you'll minimize the risk of getting stepped on and protect your feet from mysterious spills.

Dressing for the Wrong Temperature

It only takes one experience stepping outside in a leather jacket only to realize it's 20º outside to feel a twinge of pain for others on the street who didn't get the memo on temperature. It's a cliché that New Yorkers talk about the weather too often, but with all the time residents spend outside, making sure they're up on the current climate is key.



We're all for a chic bucket bag, but it makes New Yorkers nervous to see a bag that doesn't securely close on top. Whether your navigating Times Square or shopping in SoHo, make sure you have a bag that will help keep pickpocketers at bay.

Getting Caught in a Thunderstorm Unprepared



We've all had the unfortunate experience of finding ourselves stuck in a torrential downpour unprepared. And while huddling under an awning is a temporary solution, NYC residents know it's just better to always be prepared. Whether it be a weather-resistant jacket or a packable umbrella, city residents are always ready for a surprise downpour.

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has been recently updated.