Trending: The Zara Pieces Everyone Wants Now



No major spending spree on your agenda but you still want to do some shopping? On major retailer sites like Zara's, it can be tempting to fill up that bottomless e-cart, but if you know where to look, cutting back to just the necessities is easier than you might think.

So what's the secret? Head straight for Zara's "trending now" section. There, you'll find a curated selection of the best of the best on the site right now. From cozy coats to party-worthy dresses, the collection feels less overwhelming than what you'll find across the rest of the site. But if you're looking for even more direction, we're here to help. Below, we're highlighting seven pieces from the trending section of Zara that we think deserve a spot in your closet. Order all seven, or just take home one; either way, you'll still have a chunk of your paycheck left for those holiday gifts on the horizon.

Read on to shop our picks! 

Available in sizes XS to XXL.

Available in sizes XS to XL.

Available in sizes XS to XL.

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