25 Gifts Our Editors Really Want This Holiday Season


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Like it or not, we've officially entered the start of holiday season. This means that it's time to start thinking about the gifts worthy of a spot on your list this year (and doing a little holiday shopping for friends and family). As editors, we field plenty of present ideas every season, sure.

But as we compile gift guides meant for others, there are certain pieces we've been eager to add to our own carts. From the practical (there's always room for new underwear), to the just plain luxurious (cashmere, anyone?), our team of editors is here to offer up a little inspiration to help you jump-start your seasonal wish list.

So what is it our editors are eyeing this holiday season? Below, we break things down piece by piece and explain exactly why each of these 25 items have made the cut. Fair warning: You may just end up wanting everything (and hey, we can't blame you). Read on to shop the gifts we're eyeing for the holidays!