I Compared All 400 Zara Coats, and These Are the Best Ones



Just like everyone else, I get a little overwhelmed by Zara. It just never ceases to amaze me how many new arrivals it puts out on a weekly basis. I've found that my Zara shopping is most successful when I visit the site with a clear idea of what I want. For instance, I recently looked to Zara in search of cool coats—because October—and in true Zara fashion, I was met with approximately 400 coats to choose from, many of which were highly covetable.

What's a coat-seeking girl to do? Look at all of them, of course. But I get that not everyone has the time and patience of a fashion editor when it comes to online shopping. That's why I compared the hundreds of Zara coats on offer and chose the 23 best ones. It wasn't easy or fast, but it was worth it to me if the following list contains your perfect fall and winter coat—and I have a feeling that it will. There are faux-fur coats, plaid coats, cropped coats, long coats, trench coats, corduroy coats, animal-print coats, colorful coats, and more. Scroll on to find your perfect one.