The Chicest Under-$100 Home Items From Zara, H&M, and Anthropologie

As someone who is currently shopping for furnishings and décor for a new house, I'm quite tuned into the trends and where to shop for what. Being a fashion girl myself, some of those sources are also fashion brands. Truth be told, if you want stylish home gear (and who doesn't?), it makes perfect sense to look to fashion brands like Zara, H&M, and Anthropologie, which all boast excellent selections of home items.

Just as I did recently with Target, I searched through pages and pages of products to find the best under-$100 ones to fill your home with. It's kind of amazing how much incredibly chic home gear there is at this price point, especially since everything in this roundup looks incredibly expensive. That's probably all you need to hear, so just keep scrolling to shop 21 chic home items from H&M, Anthropologie, and Zara Home.


H&M doesn't sell furniture, but it does sell some of the best affordable home décor and accessories in the game. There's something for every style type, from midcentury-modern Palm Springs to old-world Parisian.

The perfect way to add a touch of the rattan trend into your space.

It's sort of refreshing to see a marble that isn't the typical gray-and-white Carrara.

No one will guess that this is actually concealing dirty laundry.

Why settle for a basic bath mat when you can get a chic one for $18?

Your plants deserve a beautiful home too.

Pistachio looks just as cool on your table as it does on your clothes.


If your style leans more boho, Anthropologie's home décor section should definitely be on your radar. The site stocks thousands of decorative (and functional) items, plus furniture. Be sure to take advantage of the frequent sales.

Love this? You're going to want everything from Brooklyn-based Sin Ceramics.

Want to add a little more color to your apartment or house? This also comes in ochre, teal, and pink.

Putting this outdoors is the obvious choice, but I love how unexpected it is indoors.

Fluted glass is another trend I'm in love with right now.

Because pictures shouldn't just be on our phones.

Zara Home

Zara Home is a minimalist-décor lover's dream. Expect to find plenty of neutral tones and everything you need for a European-inspired space. And just like Zara's fashion items, the prices for the on-trend pieces are pretty jaw-dropping. 

I imagine a lot of French-girl mirror selfies will be taken in this.

Keep this on your couch during summer for a soft touch of color.

Zara is also endorsing the fluted/ribbed glass trend, so I guess I'm onto something.

I'd take this pillow in any of the offered colors, but this one is just what a neutral color pallette needs.

This is 20 inches tall, so you can bet that it'll make a statement in any room.

If you have wood floors, you know that a cozy rug does wonders for a room.

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