Fashion Insiders Told Me the Coolest Home Pieces to Order

Fashion insiders are well-versed at, well, fashion—but many are also experts when it comes to styling their homes. Yes, their interior spaces are just as covetable as the outfits they’re wearing. Interested to find out which pieces they have in their apartments and houses, I tapped some people in the industry who have especially cool eyes for design. So, what are the decor items that have transformed their homes into stylish spaces?

Ahead, they’re sharing the pieces they can’t live without inside their places. From sleek dining tables and maximal chairs to room-altering lighting and the must-have coffee table books they look to for inspiration, these are the stylish pieces you’ll find in their homes. Whether taking inspiration from a minimal aesthetic, modern silhouette, or vintage design, there’s no doubting they have exceptional taste when it comes to interiors. Here, shop their edit of chic home decor pieces.

TyLynn Nguyen, Designer and Creative Entrepreneur

"Obsessed with this table as a family gathering piece. Perfect for busy mornings and quick family dinners."

"Really into the wishbone chairs. And the brown and black contrast! So chic."

Casey Smith, President, Studio Cavaco

"When it comes to creating truly magical homes, interior design duo Atelier AM, simply don't disappoint... Nor do their books! Their most recent release is Houses and features 8 homes (by their design) photographed by the legendary Francois Halard with text by Mayer Rus. This book is a must-have."

"This chair is just adorable! They're a perfect opportunity to integrate color and evoke 'summer on the Italian Riviera' no matter where you find yourself."

"This glowing table lamp is subtly extraordinary. The incredible porcelain relief detail features both the desert floor and its starry sky, a landscape I find endlessly inspiring."

Jessie Andrews

"If you know me, you know I love mid-century modern chairs. A Pierre Jeanneret, Eames or Wagner chair is essential for me. The most iconic mid-century chairs I own are from these designers. Chairs are my sneakers. I see the resale value like current culture does sneakers—just a longer term investment with more limited product. There’s something timeless, refined, functionality and comforting about MCM designers. You can find replicas left and right, but make sure you know these designers by name and research your buys."

"As far as lighting, Flos remains my all-time favorite. The first lights I bought were a suspension lamp and the Glo Ball."

Alyssa Coscarelli, Freelance Editor and Consultant

"I'm always looking for Amazon treasure and this mirror is adorable. I'm super excited to have a larger closet area in my new apartment, so I'm eyeing this to put on the wall there, or anywhere else, really."

"Etsy is a goldmine for great rugs -- the only problem is that I'm extremely indecisive. Rugs are a serious decision and it's tough for me to commit! This one looks like a winner, though."

"Lighting is everything in a space and the pieces from this Belgium-based design studio are so next-level. They make the kind of statement that totally transforms a room."

Sacha Strebe, Editorial Director, Create Cultivate

"When I redecorated my apartment, I always knew that crystals would be a major part of the interior styling. I have a pyrite nugget and two very large selenite pieces on my coffee table, raw amethyst on the side table, and a smoky quartz point, agate, and Apache tears on our console with many smaller ones scattered around the living area. I really do feel like they change the energy in a room. That's why I instantly fell in love with CB2's rose quartz serving tray. What a beautiful way to display a cheese board? *Adds to cart.* And if I had to cash, I'd also buy their petrified wood side table—I'm all about bringing the outside in."

"Who doesn't love an accent chair? We have two of these in the burnt orange hue at the C&C office and I'm obsessed with them. If I had the room at home I'd be snapping these up. Not only do they look cool (and impossibly chic) but I can attest that they are really comfortable too—case in point."

"Sometimes the simple things in life are often the best and when it comes to candle holders, I love to feature sleek, minimal designs on my coffee table and dining table. I love burning candles (both scented and non) because it is so romantic and soft—everyone looks good by candlelight too so your guests will really appreciate it at your next dinner party. I would pair these cool brass styles from West Elm with these tapered candles in ivory. If you have a little more money to spare and want to splurge on a classic, then I love this sleek gold one from Ilse Crawford."

Tash Oakley, Co-Founder, Monday Swimwear

"I have always loved having candles around my house—they instantly create a relaxed and homey ambiance. Nothing can compare to the natural flickering light from a burning flame, I’d take it over a lamp any day."

"Snuggling up on the couch is my favorite thing to do but I never feel truly comfortable without a super soft throw! They also soften the room and make your couch look really inviting!"

"Books are, so sadly, a dying breed but as someone who loves art, architecture, and photography I love to be able to pick up a coffee table book on the weekend and flip through for some inspiration."

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