The Best Zara Clothes to Wear to the Airport

We all know that Zara has tons of perfect options for a night out, the office, weddings, and vacations, but one of the toughest wardrobe tests to pass (in my opinion) is the airport test. I can confirm that it does, and with flying colors, I might add. Not only do I frequently wear Zara pieces to the airport myself, but I also just searched through the thousands of items currently in stock to find 23 that are especially suitable for the airport. There are jackets to ward off the airplane chill, pants to keep you comfortable, shoes you can actually walk in, and tops that keep you cool and covered up, to name a few.

Read on to shop the most airport-worthy Zara clothes from head to toe. (Bonus: Many of these happen to be on sale right now.)

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Opening Image: Zara