We've Been in 17 Weddings This Year, and This Our Advice to Brides

The best wedding guest advice for brides



Weddings can be overwhelming, whether you're the one getting married, in the wedding party, or simply just attending. There's a lot to think about—from attire to etiquette. As much stress as there is for everyone else, the highest levels fall on the bride and groom on their big day. It takes months and months of planning to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Having been in quite a few weddings myself recently, I've picked up a few tricks from watching my friends go through the process, so I feel I'll be much better prepared when it comes to be my turn. I decided it might be helpful to start sharing some of the tips I've learned along the way, as well as poll my fellow editors and friends to get their best advice as well. From what to do when wedding dress shopping to picking out bridesmaids dresses your whole party will be happy with, below I've compiled a list of the six best pieces of advice for brides from people who have been in a lot of weddings this year—17 to be exact. 

1. Do whatever makes you feel your best before wedding dress shopping.

"Get a blowout or use self-tanner before wedding dress shopping so that you feel really good when you're trying on your dresses! You'll look back at photos of the potential options and feel so much better/happier looking back if you felt like the best version of yourself when trying them on!" 

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2. Don't pick your dress before your venue.

"DO NOT start shopping for dresses too early—Venue first, then dress. You may think that your venue won't impact the style of the dress you go with, but it will." 

3. Once you pick your dress, delete all pins from your Pinterest board.

"Once you've selected your dress, delete all wedding dress pins from your Pinterest board. It will only tempt you to keep looking and second guess your choice."

4. Do a hair and makeup test before the big day.

"My friends who are married told me a beauty test is one of the best things they did leading up to their weddings. There's nothing that can give you more confidence than doing a trial of the hair and makeup you'll be wearing so you know you'll truly love it and will feel like yourself."

5. Bridesmaids that get to pick their own dresses will thank you for it later.

"Bridesmaids that get to choose their own dresses will thank you for it later, just give them guidelines and due dates and don't be afraid to veto their suggestions if it doesn't align with your vision. It is your day, but your bridesmaids need to feel beautiful/like themselves, too. Friends don't let friends buy/wear dresses they don't like. Happy bridesmaids, happy bride." 

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Your bridesmaids will thank you for this dress.

6. Number your RSVP cards.

"Make it clear on your invitations who is invited—how many guests and specify names if possible—and make sure you number all your RSVP cards with invisible ink on the back corners. That way, if people send them back blank (because someone will) you know who they belong to."