Wristlets Can Easily Feel Dated, But These 15 Are Fashion Person–Approved


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There is one thing all fashion experts can generally agree on: The trend cycle repeats itself often. The saying accounts for the sudden surge in popularity of several early aughts–inspired trends on TikTok and Instagram over the recent months, low-rise jeans and velour tracksuits being among the most popular. And there's one accessory trend from the decade that I suddenly want to wear again. I'm talking about wristlets, and I've rounded up the best options to shop right now. 

Yes, wristlets—the tiny bags that are similar to clutches but come with a dainty looped strap. While the older versions might bring back memories of middle school dances, these new iterations are certifiably cool. From oversize leather, pouch-like versions to shiny party-ready picks, I've found them all. 

If you're ready to ditch your go-to little black bag in lieu of something that feels a little more dainty this season, keep reading to shop 15 of the best wristlets to wear this season and beyond. 

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