The Best Workout Gear, According to Your Style Type

More than any of the other 11 months of the year, January is a time for new goals and achievements to set your sites on, and oftentimes, a healthier lifestyle fits perfectly into that fresh new outlook. You've probably noticed that workout classes seem a lot more crowded lately, and fitness studio specials are easy to come by right now. While that certainly provides plenty of motivation, perhaps the number one thing that gets a fashion girl to the gym, spin class, Pilates, boot camp, or whatever your workout of choice is, is a cute new outfit. But not all workout pieces are one-style-type-fits-all. To help you navigate the slew of workout gear on the market, we found five recent celebrity workout outfits for five common style types, from trend-forward to classic, along with pieces inspired by the looks. This might even be enough to make someone sign up for ClassPass, if we do say so ourselves.