Coat Capsule: Every Type of Jacket You Need for an Australian Winter

Everyone always argues that it never gets cold enough in Australia to warrant wearing a coat in winter. Our guess is that those people have never travelled to Hobart or Melbourne. It does get cold. And you need a warm coat. For our sisters in the sunnier cities, or cities with temperamental weather (that would be you, Sydney), you need to be prepared for bitterly cold mornings, mixed with sunny lunch breaks and rainy evenings. This makes coat shopping a little trickier, but we’ve narrowed the list down to just seven different jackets you need for an Australian winter. Whether you live in Brisbane and can’t imagine needing anything more than a lightweight coat, or you hail from Hobart and need the warmest puffer jacket you can find, we’ve got them all here.

Keep scrolling for our ultimate coat edit (plus, the most beautiful street style inspo to show you how to wear it).



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Amanda Bardas