What You Need to Look for When Coat Shopping

When shopping for a new winter coat, there are a few things to keep in mind. You generally don’t come across a good, quality coat for less than a few hundred dollars, so getting it right is important. Investing in a coat is the most important purchase you’ll make all season—if you get it wrong, you’ll be shivering your way through winter.

To help you get it right, we tapped fashion designer Kara Liu of label Interval (who's new website has just launched!), for the top three things you need to look for when coat shopping. Keep scrolling for Kara’s tips!

"The first thing I look for in a winter coat is quality—both fabric and craftsmanship. Wool and wool blends are preferable, but some very unique textures can be achieved with synthetic fibres and can be just as warm to wear. A well-made coat can last you year after year, and keep you feeling cocooned and protected in the cooler weather. Anything too light is a no-go for me as I like my coats heavy and substantial."

"Secondly, I always recommend choosing a style and length that works for you and your wardrobe. We are blessed with a mild climate in Australia, meaning most of us will not need to invest in more than one or two winter coats a season. Therefore it would make sense to choose a style and length that is easy to fit into your day-to-day winter style, over that trend piece. My go-to coat this season are oversized and long, paired with culottes and fitted ankle boots."

"Lastly, pockets are absolutely essential! They often get overlooked, but you'll need them to keep your hands warm on a coat-weather day. Any internal pockets are always a plus."

What do you search for when shopping for a winter coat? Share in the comments below.


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