Fashion Girls Aren't Giving Up This $8 Amazon Item

There's nothing a fashion girl likes more than a cool accessory, especially during the frigid winter months when the temperatures have you feeling limited in your wardrobe choices. Be it a statement headband, a stack of necklaces wrapped around a turtleneck, or a sleek pair of leather gloves, any chance to add a bit of personality to a winter outfit tends to spark joy. 

There's one winter accessory fashion girls can't seem to get enough of this season, and it's one you'd least expect: white tights. Not only do they keep your legs semi-warm and allow you to wear that skirt or dress that will break you out of your pants rut, but they're also a great way to add a pop of color or texture to a winter look. Not to mention they're available for just $8 on Amazon right now, which might just make them the ultimate winter accessory. Below you'll see some of the coolest winter outfits with tights fashion girls are loving, but you can also shop said perfectly opaque $8 pair from Amazon if you feel like getting in on the fun. 

Shop the $8 Amazon pair:

Our editor in chief, Kat Collings, gives these her stamp of approval, saying they're "the perfect level of opaque." So there you have it—the perfect pair of semi-opaque white tights sure to liven up every winter outfit. 

Shop other white tight options: 

If you like your tights a bit sheerer, these are the Amazon pair for you. 

This understated polka-dot print adds just the right amount of interest. 

Another way to add some texture to your winter look.

These are made for dancers, which means they're sure to hold up to your hijinks.

We're a bit confused by the concept of wearing white tights with beige pumps, but maybe it's so forward we don't even understand it. 

One for you, one for your best friend. 

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